Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) Card


For almost two decades, I’ve volunteered for La Plata County Search and Rescue to be on-call 24/7 to use my knowledge of the high country to assist with rescue missions all around SW Colorado.


Colorado residents and visitors are well served by dedicated volunteer search and rescue teams. By purchasing a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) card you are contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund, that reimburses teams for costs incurred in search and rescues activities across the State of Colorado. The CORSAR card is available for $3 for a one-year card and $12 for five-year card.


The CORSAR card is NOT insurance and does not reimburse individuals nor does it pay for medical transport.  The Search and Rescue fund (SAR) was created to reimburse political subdivisions and search and rescue organizations for the costs incurred in conducting search and rescue operations; and to provide funding for the purchase of search and rescue related equipment.


More info and to purchase card online:



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