~~~~~Podcast: The Value of Using A Realtor Instead of 3rd Party Aggregator Sites Such as Zillow or Trulia~~~~~

Jim Wotkyns joins the Durango Area Association of Realtors to give some realtor tips. Jim discusses the role of the real estate agents and contrasts the services of a realtor to the services of 3rd party aggregators such as Trulia or Zillow.

Buyers and sellers are using the internet – There is a definite trend of buyers and sellers using the internet. The 1st introduction in over 90% of transactions are internet based, either through computer or mobile.

Realtors Provide More Indepth Information Than 3rd Party Aggregators – Realtors provide more information and up to date information. The 3rd party aggregator sites such as Trulia or Zillow scrape the information on the properties for their website. Sometimes this information will be outdated and sometimes these sites will list properties that have been sold for years. There might be a price reduction not reflected on the 3rd party site.

Realtors Help With Paperwork – Over 60% of all transactions have the chief complaint of being overwhelmed with paperwork and regulation. Realtors help navigate the transactions and make sure all the proper paperwork is filed and in the correct order.

47% Of Homeowners Think They Can Do It Alone – When they get into the process, over half of those homeowners switch over to a real estate agent. They find that the complexity is too much and would prefer help.

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